With minimum investment and scale it up to 6-figures within 60-days!

Even if you don't have a real estate agent license, have no experience and don't know where to start.



This is what you will learn in this Workshop

  • Why real estate wholesaling is better than other real estate businesses.
  • The mental and practical approach to success in this business.
  • What do you need to get started?
  • The skills should you absolutely need to have to be successful, and how to develop them if you don't have any of them.
  • The 5 do's and don'ts of real estate investing business.
  • The steps you can take to recession and loss proof your business.
  • And finally… how can you build a system that earns you thousands of dollars in profits every week!

These will be live events, with an Exclusive Q&A Session after every Workshop!

This 10K – 60 Days Training Workshop is not for you if….

Let's be honest; starting and operating a lucrative and growing 6 or 7-figure business requires hard work, focus, consistency, dedication, and time. The sole purpose of this Workshop is to:

  • Cut down the time required to build your business by decades.
  • Avoid mistakes that could cost you lose money and reputation.
  • Have a clear vision of where you are, and develop a roadmap for your success.
  • How to get the funds required to start and grow your business.
  • Close Million-Dollar Deals with maximum confidence, even when you have zero experience.
  • Build a portfolio of success even when you are just starting.
  • Close top-dollar paying clients every day.
  • Never run out of cash, cash flow, and investors in your business.

By doing this, you will be able to:

Let's be honest; starting and operating a lucrative and growing 6 or 7-figure business requires hard work, focus, consistency, dedication, and time. The sole purpose of this Workshop is to:

  • Live the life you really want to live.
  • Achieve all of your wildest dreams – no matter how crazy they are!
  • Streamline everything so that you are legally protected every step of the way.

All of this is possible ONLY:

If you want to follow my lead, and you are willing to put in the hours, work really hard in building a magnificent business, don't feel shy when cold calling your prospects, and drive hours around different neighbourhoods to find the best deals so that you can earn your way to wealth, riches and success.

However, if you….

  • Don't want to work at all, and find pleasure in living a lame, lazy, and meaningless life.
  • Don't care about your life, your future, and your family.
  • Want to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life.
  • Always want to have overdue bills and payments you have to make.
  • Always want to have people knocking at your door to collect money.
  • Want to move into a shelter house one day when you cannot afford a house anymore.
  • Want to remain stuck where you are right now and live a moneyless life for the rest of your life…

I will be straightforward and honest&hellip... All of this is possible ONLY!

I am 100% confident that you will be successful, and helping you achieve that is my goal!

The only reason I am doing this exclusive Workshop is that I know the potential that real estate has to create wealth right now.

If I can close an excellent client every other day and earn 10K to 20K in commissions on every deal! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Are you wondering why I would give you my Million Dollar Wealth Building Secrets? Because the real estate industry is HUGE; we need as many real estate wholesalers as we can have.

Thousands of properties are just sitting there for you to get them. In addition, every investor knows that real estate is the safest, and always appreciates investment.

So when you bring a good investment in front of them, they won't wait another minute and take it!

That's why building a successful and thriving 6-figure income real estate business is a lot easier in this industry compared to other industries.

And this training workshop will help you build that in 60-days!

Joining This Workshop Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself!

It is literally a no-brainer!

What you are learning to do is build a self-sustaining and growing business that pays for your lifestyle and allows you to create generational wealth for your family. Even if you close one average deal in a few weeks, that one earning does not just pay for the Workshop; it pays for almost every overdue payment you have to make. That's if you do an average. Close one exceptional deal, the one I will teach you to close, and it will pay for the vacation trip for your entire family!!


Hi, I am Jay Spade, a real estate consultant, investor, and coach. First of all, I want to welcome you to my website and thank you for being interested in this program.

I have been in the real estate business for more than 7 phenomenal years. By now, I have closed more than 1000 deals with lucrative commissions. If you count the numbers of my associates and students, that figure goes way over 5000 properties.

Over the years, I learned a lot of new things, both good and bad. As your mentor, it is my responsibility to help you understand the ins and outs of real estate wholesaling.

The things you learn in the course could be slightly different from the real world. Out there, you have to face all kinds of stuff. This course prepares you for all of that.

You are not here to learn how wholesaling is done, you are here to get clients, close deals successfully, and earn a 6-figure income, and we will do that!

I have been training for a while now, and by now, I have taught and mentored hundreds of real estate agents to become successful, earn decent 6-figure incomes, and live a financially independent lifestyle. YOU WILL BE ONE OF THEM!

Testimonials & Proof!!!


Here Is What You Will Learn:

Hiring The Best and Highly Competitive Virtual Assistants.

Discover the exact process of hiring high-quality and experienced virtual assistants online and inducting them into your business so that they start assisting in growing your business right away.

Developing and Managing Success Driving Systems & Teams.

I will also show you how to educate your team quickly and efficiently so that they start bringing in more warm leads and you start getting more client conversions.

Understand the Exact Systems You Need to 10X Your Success.

You need to have critical elements and components in your business that separate you from struggling business owners. I will introduce you to the components and systems allowing you to build a business that operates almost automatically 24/7, supercharging your profits.

Deep Discounted Property Acquisition Mastery.

You will get access to my secret strategies for finding deeply discounted yet high-value properties in your area, contacting the owners, inviting them to sell their houses, and getting them to contract them with you.

Market For Listings & Cash Buyers Mastery.

Taking the next steps in the right places to list and market the properties you have contracted, and make sure that they are visible to other wholesalers, agents, investors, and cash buyers so that you start getting offers immediately.

Untold Secrets of Finding Investors And Selling Your Deals.

This is the most essential element of your business, finding the right kind of investors that have confidence in your abilities, who can see an opportunity when you show it to them, and who have the resources to make quick decisions and take action.

Manage Your Entire Business Without Managing Anything!

I know that with great businesses come great responsibilities. But it doesn't have to be like that all the time. I will show you exactly how to use the success of your business to make it grow exponentially while living an ideal lifestyle. With zero stress, overwhelm, and overwork.

Marketing Your Business and Growing It As A Brand!

And most important of all, how to build a reputation of being a successful, growing, and responsible business that commands respect from your peers, clients, investors, and business partners. This also includes some of the tips and tools I am using to grow my business as a brand so that you can just replicate them in your business to outgrow your competition.



An opportunity that will completely transform your life; and give you all the resources you need to go from zero to 6-figures within weeks.

Live Only Q&A Session After The Workshop!

We will have an Exclusive Q&A Session after each workshop day, where you can answer questions and get answers. This session is exclusively for live attendees only and will serve as an opportunity to take a deep dive into your real estate business and get success.

In fact, I am already collecting some of the common questions you might have, which will be addressed in the Workshop. If you still have any questions, this session will be your opportunity.

Feeling Tempted??

You haven't seen the Bonuses you will be getting along with the training!

My 10K 60Days Course Free - $997 value

You will get exclusive lifetime access to my course 10K in 60Days program, which you can use as your reference guide. It's the most comprehensive course on real estate wholesaling on the planet.

Contracts And Agreement Templates To Protect Your Business - $697 Value

I will provide you with all the contracts and agreement documents you will need every step of the way. It includes contract templates to sign with the property owner, the investor, and the final buyer. You will need various other contracts and agreements, for example, when working with another real estate agent or wholesaler, multiple investors on a single property, or with a seller that has shared ownership of the property.

Scripts And Sales Pitched To Close Million Dollar Deals - $697 Value

Get all of my secret scripts that my team and I personally use to close million-dollar deals every day. These scripts are for cold calling prospects and knowing their intent, following up with them, and inspiring them to sign the contract with you. This bundle also includes scripts to pitch a property to an investor and final buyer.

Exclusive Access To Member's Only Facebook Group - $3000 value

This is where I share other bonuses, tips, insights, and valuable resources for my students, investors, and other real estate businesses. By joining the Workshop, you can access all the resources you need to accelerate your business. In addition to that, it will serve as an opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs in your industry, collaborate with them, and build businesses with them.

2 Days LIVE Workshop & A Total of $5391 Worth of Free Bonuses!

More Testimonials and Proof!!!

Coach♤Spade is a very 🥇successful real estate guru who is willing to share his knowledge with other people. He has taught me everything I know about real estate. That helped me 💰earn 💲250k inprofits within the first 6 months of starting out with him.🔥

Coach Spade is a true professional. His work ethic and coaching skills are brilliant. If you want to succeed in real estate, Coach Spade is the right person to go to. He's not just a coach, he's a mentor and a friend. You will not regret having him on your side!

I have been extremely impressed with Coach Spade and his program. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with you, and the programs are incredibly helpful. I have already seen improvements in my business from just a few weeks of implementing what I have learned from his course. I highly suggest you check him out while the prices are still low!

I am a single mom, and I am bringing up my two daughters on my own. I had very little amount of money to invest in the business. Coach Spade helped me to find and perfect my strategy and also introduced me to professional people who helped me get started with the business.

I love having a coach to help me grow my business. I've grown it exponentially through the help of my coach.

I can go on, and on....

Now you must've realized that

Real Estate Wholesaling is the Most Effective and Efficient way to Build Wealth for Your Family and Yourself!

Right Now, You Have A Choice!

You can either go ahead, Sign Up For The Workshop and take this opportunity to completely transform your life….

Or, you can keep struggling, hustling, and stay paycheck to paycheck.


What happens if you join the 10K-60Days Workshop?

A goldsmith and a blacksmith both work 10 hours a day. Who do you think will earn more money at the end of the day?

The goldsmith, of course!

Why…because in addition to the hard work you do, the product you work on makes a massive difference in how much you earn.

That's why, even though the blacksmith works much harder than the goldsmith, the latter earns a lot more.

So you can work as much hard as you want, Real Estate Wholesaling will open more opportunities to earn more and grow your wealth in a much shorter time.

Real Estate Is Making More Millionaires Than Any Other Industry.

And 10K-60Days Workshop is your ticket to that league of millionaires!


This is a one-time-only live workshop.

You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Here is what you are getting:

  • Hiring the best and most highly competitive virtual assistants.
  • Developing and managing success-driving systems & teams.
  • Understand the exact systems you need to 10x your success.
  • The skills should you absolutely need to have to be successful, and how to develop them if you don't have any of them.
  • Deeply discounted property acquisition mastery.
  • Marketing for listings & cash buyers mastery.
  • Untold secrets of finding investors and selling your deals.
  • Manage your entire business without managing anything!
  • Marketing your business and growing it as a brand!
  • FREE BONUS: My 10K 60Days Course Free - $997 Value.
  • FREE BONUS: Contracts and agreement templates to protect your business - $697 Value.
  • FREE BONUS: Scripts and sales pitched to close million-dollar deals - $697 Value.
  • FREE BONUS: Exclusive access to member-only Facebook group - $3000 Value.

Everything You Need To Start Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business + Of $5391 Worth Of Bonuses Free!